Business Intelligence

Get actionable insight from your data every day, with advanced analytic solutions and uncover opportunities for growth and performance improvements

Organizations are producing an enormous amount of data daily. As organizations try to manage this ever-rising tide of data, BI is taking on greater importance and urgency. The challenge for decision makers is to have accurate, useful intelligence from this vast mass of data in a timely and cost effective manner.

Organizations need to become analytics-driven entities to succeed. Our solutions are designed to help everyone in your organization make the decisions that achieve better business outcomes. Flexible deployment options, either on cloud or in-house, enables you to easily scale your analytics to meet changing business needs.

Von Allen provides reporting, data analytics and business performance management to help our clients make better decisions; gather insight from detailed reporting and manage financials more effectively to accelerate performance.

Von Allen offers tailored solutions designed to meet your goals:

  1. Analytics when, where and how – A unified experience that works the same on web or mobile devices, enabling you to quickly find, analyze, create and share insights.
  2. Bring data to life – Self-service reporting and dashboard features help virtually anyone create informative, engaging visualizations.
  3. Analytics you can trust for confident action – Confident action comes from access to curated data that eliminates risk and debate over numbers.

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