Performance Coaching

Reveal what drives and inspires your engagement with others and work. Learn what can be done to be successful and satisfied with both.

We understand the importance of bridging leadership from different generations and communication styles. We believe that only when each person is utilized and maximized to their full potential, can teams thrive and employees feel a deeper sense of loyalty to their organization.

With leading behavioral assessment tools, we help people and organizations identify your strengths, behaviors, motivations, and interests. Individuals and companies across all industries – including non-profit and faith-based organizations – successfully use these proven methods to develop their talent and teams.

Von Allen enables your organization to discover high potential leaders; align leadership goals with corporate goals; help managers and employers discover their strengths; embrace diversity, and assist teams to work productively and harmoniously for optimal results.

Von Allen offers tailored services designed to meet your goals:

  1. Leadership Development – Develop better leaders by increasing their self-awareness.
  2. Team Building – Build successful teams by finding a common language of communication.
  3. Career Exploration – Discover a better career fit by enhancing the search with personality data.
  4. Talent Selection – Make well-rounded and lasting hiring decisions by reading beyond the resume.
  5. Sales & Negotiation – Close more deals by better leveraging natural negotiation styles.

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